AM to PM: Day to Night Dressing

Always busy? Running from work to play? Plans with the girls for a night out but no time to stop home? Well, this is all too familiar and I’m here to help. As modern day women, we know schedules tend to get hectic – but limited time shouldn’t mean limited style. So if you don’t have time to stop home and change, you can leave your house in one look and end the day with another. Most of these outfits really only call for a quick shoe change and taking off or adding on a layer. So bring along some boots or heels, your favorite jacket, and finish with some eyeliner and lipstick. With the right wardrobe pieces, there’s plenty of ways to stay chic all day and take your look from day to night.

Jackets (blazers, leather jackets, trench coats) – these are your staple pieces. Find a jacket you love that goes with any outfit. Depending on what you’re wearing you can use a jacket to dress up or dress down. Wear it in the day for some added coverage and take it off at night to feel a little more sexy. Or, keep it off in the day for casual style and throw it on at night to pull your look together.

Bodysuits. Super trendy with versatile wear. Wear one in the day with your favorite jacket, and lose the jacket for a night on the town.

Crop tops are easy transitional pieces. Wear one in the day with a pair of high waisted shorts, with just a bit of skin exposed. When the night hits, change into jeans or a skirt and show a little more skin (if you’re feeling daring.) Or, throw on your jacket for the final touch.

Camis & bralettes. (prints & color) For the AM hours, wear a low cut tank with some pretty bra straps or lacey bralette (a little pop of color never hurt anyone). When it’s time to go out, take off the tank. If it’s long enough wear your bralette as a crop top, or put on a blazer and let that lace peep through.

Little Black Dress. Another timeless piece every woman should own. For day dressing, pair it with some boyshorts and sandals. And when the night hits, slip on tights with heels to add some edge.

Leggings are another secret for transitional dressing. Keep them in your bag or your car, they’re easy enough to slip on and off. Great for day and night.


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