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Commando wants women look and feel fantastic. It’s become a staple of star stylists, celebrities, and top designers who send their models down the runway in Commando every season. Combining luxury fabrics with flawless fits, Commando’s undergarments provide both beauty and comfort.


Introducing their newest Ballet Body Collection, made from the finest fibers for sumptuous softness and nearly endless stretch. The one-size-fits-most seamless layers are sure to be some of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

This butter soft, body-hugging collection is perfect for layering. The not-too-sheer styles fit snug like a second skin, and go from itty-bitty to pretty-pretty as soon as you slip them on. The ultra-fine yarns move with your body so you’ll feel ballerina beautiful with every step.

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more colors: commando_ballet_body_white  commando_ballet_body_black  commando_ballet_body_coral  commando_ballet_body_blue



Commando Ballet Body Bikini

more colors: commando_ballet_body_white  commando_ballet_body_black  commando_ballet_body_coral  commando_ballet_body_nude


Commando Ballet Body Collection Tank

more colors: commando_ballet_body_white  commando_ballet_body_blue  commando_ballet_body_coral  commando_ballet_body_nude


Commando Ballet Body Boyshort

more colors: commando_ballet_body_black  commando_ballet_body_blue  commando_ballet_body_coral  commando_ballet_body_nude


Commando Ballet Body Collection Tee

more colors: commando_ballet_body_white  commando_ballet_body_blue  commando_ballet_body_coral  commando_ballet_body_nude

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