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It all started in a little boutique in New York City. Lingerie brand Only Hearts started small, well-known for originally selling all things heart shaped. Consequently, heart lovers grew fond of the unique store that sold everything from vintage lockets to corsets.

As Only Hearts became increasingly popular, lines flooded out the door and around the block. Making headlines, Only Hearts was labeled by news crews as “a shop for the shameless romantic.” Shortly after, the charming brand opened stores in new locations including, California and Italy.

Only Hearts features a variety of collections like “Second Skin” tank tops, long sleeve shirts, and stylish undergarments. The brand is also known for its super cute and lacey bras, bralettes, and lovely metallic fabrics. From my experience, another plus is this brand washes well and lasts long. Only hearts is extremely popular among women, and a personal favorite of mine – it is high fashion at a reasonable price point. What more can a woman ask for?


Only Hearts Delicious
Tailored Cutaway Tank


 Only Hearts Metallic Skinny Tank




Only Hearts Stretch Lace Bralette


Only Hearts So Fine Chemette



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