Full Bust vs. Full Figure

Full Bust and Full Figure are often used interchangeably but do not mean the same thing. Knowing the difference will help with picking the right bra. Although the terms are often confused, let’s differentiate the two.

For the most part,

Full Bust bras have a smaller band size and larger cup size.
band size: 28 – 36
cup size: DD/E – K

Full Figure bras have a larger band size and larger cup size.
band size: 38 and up
cup size: DD/E – K

However this is not fixed – we are not simply defined by a band and cup size. Determining full bust vs full figure really depends on your body type. For example, a 34G bra can fit a full busted or full figured woman, but these bodies can be totally different in shape. Full figure body types are fleshier all around. Brands that focus primarily on the fuller figure usually have wider bands for more support and a wider underwire. Where as a full busted body woman is usually leaner around the body and full in the breasts. Bras made for the full busted often have thinner bands and narrower underwires. Take an Elomi 36F and a Freya 36F – yes they are the same exact size, however, you may find the bras to be different in terms of fit, shape and support.

Follow these easy steps for a perfect fit:

1. Remember, support comes from the band, not the cup! Be sure your band is always snug (the heavier the bust, the more snug the band). The band should be tight around the torso and anchored low on the back, parallel to the floor.You can use a tape measurer to get a start on your band size. Make sure the tape is right under your bust where the breast meets the chest wall.

2. Underwire should be behind the bust, not resting on the breast tissue.

3. The center front should rest flat against the chest wall, separating the breast tissue.

It is important to understand you will not always be the same bra size. Sizing and styles vary across different brands.

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