Let’s Get This Straight | Uneven Breasts

You may think a padded bra is the answer to uneven breasts, however this bra may only add to your problem. Wearing a padded bra will actually make both breasts appear bigger, without fixing the proportion of size difference.

For breasts with size difference being less than one cup, a padded bra with removable pads or cookies can be very helpful.

Simply take the pad out of the cup supporting the bigger breast. Leave the padding in the smaller breast cup for a more even look.

For slightly larger gaps in size, take the pad you removed from the larger breast, and place pad into the cup of the smaller breast. This will add some more volume to the smaller breast, to make breasts more proportional.

Some of Jessica’s Favorite Picks include:


Huit Cupcake Magic Air Bra
Eye catching cloud-like design. Made of soft, molded cups and contains underwire.
This padded bra comes with removable air pads.
Sizes: Up to D cup.


Chantelle C Chic Sexy Multi-Way Push Up Bra
Sexy, low-cut, cleavage enhacing push up bra with convertible straps. This bra has seamless padded cups with removable padding so your look can go from day to night.
Sizes: Up to G Cup


Cosabella New Soire Demi Cup Bra
This lightweight mesh bra with removable pads lays flush against the
body,adding lift and cleavage.
Sizes: Up to D cup.

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