Like A Wish Come True | Simone Perele WISH Collection

Fashion’s color palette has officially moved on from sun-kissed summer hues into richer, deeper fall and winter shades that evoke elegance and sensuality. And what could be more sumptuous and sophisticated than jewel tones?

We all know that jewels are a woman’s best friend… so it’s no surprise that jewel tones in fashion have that same je ne sais quoi (indescribable pleasant quality) we can’t get enough of. The precious shades of amethyst dazzle us with their sensual glow.

And because I always keep my gems près de mon coeur (close to heart), jewel toned lingerie reigns supreme in my fall wardrobe. If radiance comes from within, it makes sense to begin with the first and most essential layer of our look.

Ever wish to feel powerful and feminine? (Yes.) Then your wish just came true… Slip into this captivating, bold-hued bra and panty set and be as radiant as the gems in your jewelry box:

Simone Perele WISH Collection



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