Look Good, Feel Better | 7 Healthy Tips For New Year’s Resolutions

“I’m joining the gym,” “I’m starting my diet,” “I’m quitting smoking,” says the whole world on December 31st. And how long does that usually last? About a week.

However, it’s the New Year, which means it’s time for positive change and breaking bad habits. Since the mind and body are one, it is important for the two to be healthy in harmony in order to make this year a great one.
Good health yields the ultimate goal of happiness. It makes you feel and look your best. Feel confident in your lingerie this year with these healthy tips:

1. Water – More than half of your body weight is water. One can live 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Think about it. Water is essential. Yes, it keeps you hydrated and makes your skin nice, but it also improves your mood. Water transports nutrients and rids toxins out of the body. Our body doesn’t function properly when dehydrated and our electrolytes become imbalanced, causing lack of concentration and disruption of cognitive functions. So drink, drink, drink…

2. EatYou are what you eat. Diets aren’t necessarily the ultimate solution to healthy living, but it’s important to watch what you eat and incorporate foods that are beneficial to our bodies.

a. Smoothies and juice – a natural source of vitamins and energy. Enjoy a mix of fruits and veggies, my favorite is a banana and kale smoothie to start my day.
b. Leafy greens – give you iron, calcium and fiber. Eat some spinach, broccoli or arugula.
c. Berries – strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries included are high in antioxidants and considered disease fighting foods.
d. Dairy, turkey, nuts – are just a few of the foods that increase serotonin levels. These foods can address depressed moods.
e. Lowering sugar intake actually increases energy. Sodas, juices, and candy are high in sugar and often a waste of calories. Try replacing with water or tea, if you crave something sweet grab a fruit.
f. Don’t eat late, and avoid huge meals – try smaller portions
g. And don’t forget to treat yourself! It’s okay to have dessert once in a while, if you feel you deserve it.

3. Exercise – Being active gets the oxygen flowing, bringing a nice color to your skin, and keeping you warm to the touch. Exercise also keeps us in shape. When we’re fit we feel better about ourselves, hence the motto look good, feel good. You’re not limited to joining the gym – walk your dog, take a hike, run through the park with a friend, do some yoga – it’s important not only to relax your body but to relax your mind.

4. Sleep – Being exhausted makes you cranky and irritable. You’re also at higher risk for mistakes and accidents. Sleep helps you think clearer. It betters your mood, memory, and focus. Sleep enough will keep your immune system strong and help you maintain your weight.

5. Laugh – “Laughter is the best medicine”. When we laugh, we release endorphins, feeling euphoric, and lowering stress. Laughing improves the immune system, increases energy, and decreases pain. Laughter also calms you down and makes you feel better. So watch a comedy, go out with your friends, or look in the mirror…just kidding.

6. Music – “One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” Truth. Music eases pain, increases motivation and performance, helps you relax, and makes you happy. When you’re driving and your favorite song comes on the radio, you turn up the volume and sing your heart out. Music just makes you feel good. Playing music while you’re cooking, cleaning, or even working, can really improve your mood. And when we’re in a good mood we do everything better.

7. Give – Giving not only improves your social connections, which leads to positive mental and physical health, it also releases oxytocin. WHAT? What’s that? One might call it the “love hormone.” Oxytocin, a hormone released during hugging, breastfeeding, sex and other intimate activities induces feelings of euphoria and a sense of connection. The hormone does tons of good for the body: it’s a natural pain reliever, reduces stress, and even regulates your metabolism which helps weight control. A dose of oxytocin makes you generous and empathetic, increases bonding, and “symptoms” last a few hours. So start giving more of yourself now – go give someone a hug! Remember, giving is contagious. When you give, you get back and encourage people to give elsewhere. So go and spread the love.

Start the New Year looking and feeling good here. Let’s keep the love chain going!

Tell us what tip is most useful to you or share your own.

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