Monday Blues

Monday… tired, lazy and not in the mood, and wish it was still the weekend – otherwise known as the “Monday Blues.” I mean, can you blame us? After a weekend usually filled with family, friends, fun and rest, the last thing we want to do is wakeup obnoxiously early and make an effort. And it all comes too quickly anyway.

First it’s Friday and we’re all excited about the weekend, next thing you know we’re kissing our friends goodbye because it’s Sunday night and time to prepare for the new week. And now here we are, Monday morning, flooded with emails, phone keeps ringing, and I’m falling asleep Zzzzzz…

So what do I do when I’m feeling down? A little thing called retail therapy, known for sure to wake me up and enhance my mood! Not to worry – we’ve got a remedy for even the deepest blues. I guess Mondays aren’t so bad after all…

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