Secrets Of The Stars | A Peek Underneath

Ever wonder how celebrities look more than perfect on the red carpet? Tonight is the 2015 Oscars, where you’ll see celebrities gather and winners will receive their awards. In barely-there gowns, these stars look flawless from head to toe. Cleavage is out, backs are bare, tummies are trimmed, and thighs are slimmed. Is it the money? Is it the fashion? Or is it their looks?

Actually, it’s what’s underneath that makes them look oh so fabulous. Ill-fitting undergarments and failure to use proper fashion accessories can ruin your look on a special occasion. I’m sure you’ve seen the embarrassing nip-slips and wardrobe malfunctions of stars who made front page of media magazines. I guess you can say “accidents happen.”

Not to worry – We’ve got the celebrity secrets on how to prevent these humiliating moments and look your best no matter what you’re wearing.

We’re here to share them with you:



Nubra – a strapless, backless bra made of self-adhesive silicone. NuBra is an easy way to add cleavage and shape, without showing any straps or back of a bra. The cups stick to your breast, staying in place all night. So for the nights you’re wearing a backless or strapless dress, halter top, or even sheer fabric, try out a NuBra.


Fashion Forms Body Sculpting Backless Bra
– a strapless, backless, adhesive bra that can be worn multiple ways. The replaceable clear wings give added support. For the nights you wear a backless outfit, remove the wings. This silicone bra is secure and will last up to 25 wears.


1243646747333-1284404895   commando_top_hats-1    commando_low_beams-2
   DIMRS                               Top Hats                            Low Beams

Nipple Covers – For those braless nights, shut off your “high beams” and put on some nipple covers. These lightweight silicone and medical adhesive nipple covers are invisible under your clothes, blending right in. Wear them under anything and have a bump-free bust line. DIMRS and Top Hats will adhere to your breast from body heat, without any need for adhesive – they are painless and will last for years. Low beams use adhesive and are disposable after wear.


  hollywood_fashion_tape                                     commando_matchsticks-1
Hollwood Fashion Tape                                       Commando Matchsticks

Fashion tape – If you’re planning on going braless, then we suggest you avoid the humiliating nip slip. This double sided tape is skin safe, and perfect for keeping your clothing in place. Place some tape on your breast, to prevent your dress from slipping. Tape your bra and straps to your gown, so they never show. Try fashion tape instead of a safety pin, its fabric friendly and won’t be seen. You can use it for a quick hem, or unexpected rip. You can even place tape between the fabrics in your button down shirt, to prevent gaps. This is a fashion must-have and all around life saver.


Commando_Panties                     Command Low Rise Thong    Commando High Wasited Panty                           

Commando Panties – For skin-tight apparel and hip-hugging bottoms, we might get the urge to wear no undies – Go Commando! Literally. The brand Commando makes seamless undies to avoid those ugly panty lines. Hence their motto “Better Than Nothing,” you’ll never have to worry about ugly lines and fashion disasters.


All Shapewear

Shapewear – And finally, how do they look so thin? A little secret known as shapewear. Depending on your problem areas, shapewear can slim and trim many zones of your physique. For all-in-one coverage you can try a bodysuit. To slenderize the tummy, you may prefer a high-waist shaper. To smooth your hips and thighs, try a shaper with legs. Check out all of our shapewear, and find what’s best for you.

We hope these tips were of use to you. Stay fabulous!


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