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I was a little hesitant at first. This was a different style to what I was used to seeing from Prima Donna. Was it really seamless- even though the bra was all lace and would it truly support my F cup boobs the way I was used to? Was it going to be a best seller as the Prima Donna rep was promising?

Yes, yes and yes again to all of the above! It far exceeded my expectations and left me pleasantly surprised.

The Prima Donna Divine Seamless Lace Bra combines the best of both worlds – an elegant lace look and a comfortable fit. This beautiful underwire bra with non-stretch, floral lace pre-formed cups lift and center the breasts to create a perfectly round shape. This fabulous bra provides excellent support and full coverage while offering a boost of confidence and feminine feel. The seamless design of this “divine” bra makes it easy to wear every day. Prima Donna bras are handmade to guarantee the perfect fit for women with larger cup sizes. And nothing is sexier than sheer lace over a woman’s curves. No wonder Prima Donna has taken the title for Top 10 Best Selling Bras at A Brief Affair.

The Divine bra is definitely one of my top go-to bras!

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