Top 5 Tips & Bras For Uneven Breasts

 Are your breasts uneven? Does one breast appear bigger than the other? Do you find one breast slipping out of a bra cup while the other fits just fine? If you answered yes to any of the mentioned questions, then you are part of the population of women with Breast Asymmetry. But, what does that mean?


What is Breast Asymmetry? 

Breast Asymmetry is defined as a difference of form, position, or volume of the breast…1

Did You Know?

  • “Almost no woman has two breasts of identical size and shape,”2
  • “One study of 100 women who wanted breast augmentations with implants proved that 88 percent had natural asymmetries,”1
  • “Abnormal breast shape and size can be harmful to a woman’s self-esteem.”2

So, if you feel like you’re the only one with uneven breasts… you are not alone. Breast Asymmetry is more common than you think.

What Causes Breast Size Differences?

Breast Asymmetry is often due to genetic tendencies in which paired organs grow at different rates. Fluctuation in estrogen levels can also affect symmetry of the breasts. Therefore breast size may vary at different times of the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Weight gain or loss, medication, and normal aging can also alter breast size differences. 

Often times, women turn to plastic surgery to correct uneven breasts, however, invasive surgery of that degree comes with countless health risks and expenses.

So What Can You Do About Your Uneven Breasts?

We asked Jessica, our bra expert for advice…

For differences in breast size, finding the right bra may be your ultimate solution. There is a variety of bra types which have different functions:


Full Cup Bras   Stretch Cup Bras
simone_perele_uneven_breasts Empreinte_uneven_breasts Chantelle_Uneven_Breasts
Keep their shape even when the bra is off the body. Cover most of your breast, providing maximum coverage. Take the shape of your breasts, conform to fit each breast individually.


To learn more about tips, brands, and bras for uneven breasts, read the rest of our tip guide:


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