Underpinning Secrets: What To Wear Under White


Many are quick to grab a white bra or white panty to wear under lights and whites, because white was always thought of as the universal neutral tone. But, if you go to department stores and lingerie shops you’ll notice less and less white undergarments. Why?

NUDE! Nude, if you didn’t know is the best option to wear under white. A flesh tone similar to your skin will be practically invisible under your white clothes. If you think about it, white will contrast with your skin whereas nude will blend in, so the nude will be less noticeable.

The most important idea here is to find a nude that is similar to your skin. The closer the match, the less you’ll notice.

But ladies remember - while white has declined as the go-to neutral tone, it has become an increasingly popular color for women’s fashion. White is chic and classic, so if you love white wear it under your favorite colored clothes. Just note that nude is better under whites.

Best Nudes:


Nude Panties

Commando_ballet_body_Bikini-1 Miel_Luna_Thong Natori_Yogi_brief Simone_Perele_Invisibulles_thong
Commando Ballet Body Bikini Miel Luna Thong Natori Yogi Girl Brief Simone Perele Invisibulles Thong



Nude Bras

Marie_Jo_LAventure_Tom Simone_perele_andora_bra Prima_donna_satin_seamless chantelle_c_chic_sexy_spacer_bra
Marie Jo L'Aventure Tom
Fiberfill Molded Wire Bra
Simone Perele Andora
Molded Bra
Prima Donna Satin Seamless
Molded Wire Bra
Chantelle C Chic Sexy
Spacer Bra





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