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Squeem Miracle Vest

Squeem Perfect Waist Cincher

So we just got these in and I must say – WOW, they’re pretty amazing!

With all this talk about the magic of waist trainers I had to give it a try.

When the Squeem package arrived to the office, my girls and I immediately started trying them on. First I grabbed the Miracle Vest waist trainer. As I put my arms through and attempted to close the clasps I thought – oh no, I’m in trouble here. After a few hands of help to get this thing on, it actually wasn’t that bad.

Instantly my waist was inches smaller, my back was pulled straight with no room for slouch, my breasts were uplifted and my tummy was flat. I guess it really is magic – I had an hourglass figure in seconds. So I couldn’t resist opening my closet, grabbing a dress and heels. I put on a half-slip to slightly smooth the claps and slipped on the dress. I felt sexy and confident, I’m ready to go out. Until I remembered I had to get back to work…

So what’s the magic here?

A Squeem waist cincher not only provides instant gratification but overtime should actually trim your waistline. So wear it for a few hours a day when you’re at work. If you’re feeling ambitious wear it to the gym. And for that hourglass look that we all crave, wear it under your dress or gown when you go out. Because what’s sexier than curve-appeal?

Looking good is really good, but feeling good is beautiful. From better body to better mind to a better you.

Benefits of waist training:

Superior shaping results, firms and flattens the stomach, corrects posture, alleviates abdominal and back pain. Rubber included makes you warm and accelerates your metabolism, assists in weight loss (Individual results may vary).

Check out our Squeem waist trainers and get you’re curve-appeal on!


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