Wardrobe Essentials: 5 Essential Panty Types

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of panties in the morning. It’s the first step to getting dressed and has all to do with what you wear. Are you wearing jeans, shorts, leggings, a dress? Depending on your style and where you’re headed, you should have a proper panty selection so you can choose between the different types. Make every day dressing one step easier by having a panty for every occasion.

The 5 Essential Panty Types Every Woman Should Own:

 1. THONG:

Low to mid-rise and sits at the hips. Hugs the body with minimal coverage in the back for a no-show look. Great under tight fitting clothes like leggings and skinny jeans.

Bliss Perfection Thong 750092 CAFE_668.jpg    Bliss Perfection Thong 750092 CAFE back_668.jpg


Low-rise and moderate coverage, more than a thong. Very comfortable, usually sits at the hips with narrow sides and covers your rear. String bikinis will have less coverage at the sides. Depending on the seams, you can wear these under jeans, shorts, sweats or just lounging around.

50848_668.jpg      50848_back_668.jpg


The cross between a bikini and a brief (just a bit more coverage than a bikini). Hipsters are a bit wider at the sides with a low to mid-rise waist – Super comfy!

D3516White_Front-668x840.jpg  D3516White_Side-668x840.jpg  D3516White_Back-668x840.jpg


Classic comfort panty with a higher rise and full rear coverage. Ideal under high-waist pants, skirts and dresses. I personally love to lounge and sleep in these.


50973_Black_Front-668x840.jpg   50973_Black_Back-668x840.jpg


 low to mid-rise panty with a lower leg and full rear coverage. It’s very comfortable and the extra coverage is great under skirts and dresses.

     F3788_CKboyshort_Front-668x840.jpg   F3788_CKboyshort_Back-668x840.jpg

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