Wardrobe Essentials: 5 Must-Have Bra Types

When getting dressed, choosing the right bra is key. Depending on your outfit you may want to hide straps and seams or sometimes let them show. Bra types make all the difference in how you feel and fit in your clothes, so it’s essential to have a proper selection.

Here are the 5 bra types every woman needs to get dressed for any occasion:

Strapless Bra: If you’re wearing a strapless, halter or off the shoulder top, you’ll need a strapless bra. This way your straps won’t show in the front or the back. Try a convertible strapless which comes with removable straps to be worn in a variety of ways (traditional, halter, crisscross, one shoulder or strapless)

T-Shirt Bra: Hence the name, these bras are great under t-shirts or tight fitted tops. Smooth and invisible, the seamless cups give a natural shape – perfect for everyday wear.

Sports Bra: Every woman should wear a sports bra during exercise to prevent breasts from bouncing around. So be sure your sports bra is snug, dig-free and gives proper support. Try moisture absorbing fabrics to prevent chafing and improve breathability. Not sure if you fit? Jump around a little, see you stay in place. And if you’re sitting there saying “but I don’t work out”, then maybe it’s time you start. Good health yields the ultimate goal of happiness. When you look good, you feel good – When you feel good, you look good… so be sure to stay active!

Sexy Bra: Have yourself a sexy bra or two or three. There’s nothing like feeling sexy, it lifts your mood and boosts confidence. So slip into some sexy lingerie and when you’re feeling a bit daring let it show. Sometimes lingerie is just too nice to hide under your clothes. Try a lace bra under your tank top or some pretty colored straps with your camisole. If you’re looking for added lift, wear a push-up bra for an attractive, sexy silhouette.

Special Occasion: If you’re wearing a dress, gown or a low plunge top on your night out, you’ll want to avoid those unsightly bra straps and seams. Nubra and Fashion Forms make great solutions that are backless, strapless and seamless. Some have adhesive cups which stick to your breast for added cleavage, along with adhesive wings which hold the bra in place. Or try a Back Converter Bra, made with an adjustable waist strap to accommodate low cut shirts and dresses.

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