Why We Support Think Pink (And You Should, Too!)

It’s Pinktober, and you know what that means… Websites, beauty products, apparel and more will go PINK around the globe, all in efforts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  It’s time to help out and spread the word!

That’s where we come in. For the month of October, A Brief Affair will be supporting and donating to First Company Pink, an independent non-profit organization with dedicated efforts to eradicate breast cancer in this lifetime.

Don’t forget to check out our Think Pink page. We will be donating $1 from every sale in October, to support First Company Pink.


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Their Mission:

First Company Pink is passionately committed to raising funds to support lifesaving breast cancer research. Their focus is to promote wellness and increase public awareness. Their efforts are aligned with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation aimed to fund clinical and transitional research, seeking prevention before a cure is needed.



Got checked? Goal: 

For their slogan to be recognized by the government as an all year round campaign to raise awareness and constantly remind women to get checked. They are also working toward creating a national “got checked?”day.


Know your risk:

  • Talk to your family… know both the maternal and paternal health history of your family.
  • Talk to your doctor… Are you dense?


Know what is normal for you:

  • Get familiar with your breast and its texture.
  • Practice monthly self breast examinations.


Listen to your body, don’t ignore the whisper:

  • If something doesn’t seem right there is a good chance it isn’t!
  • If you feel something say something!
  • Sometimes you feel cancer… most times you don’t.


Women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, every month of the year – not just in October. Don’t forget to check yourself, look for lumps. Remember, prevention is better than a cure. First Company Pink encourages public awareness & early detection – this campaign saves lives.


Make a Donation to Help Raise Awareness & Save a Life!

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